Sell on

Do you have a product you want to sell on Target is the second largest discount retailer in the United States. With over 1800 storefronts nationwide, Target has become one of the most trusted names in the retail market. It is Target's longevity and built in trust that keeps many consumers coming back for more. In 2000, came onto the market and attracted over 288 million visitors. allows any consumer with a computer the option of shopping for Target items online from the comfort of their office or home. If you want to sell on, you get quite a few perks.

If you want to sell on, you will need to approach the store in the correct manner. has certain corporate values that it adheres and in order to place a product on the site, you need to know your customers and how they fit into those values. Organize your information as follows before submitting a proposal to sell on and you may find more success at getting listed.

Organize Marketing Info
You believe your product will sell on, but Target officials have to believe it as well. Gather solid information that will convince the corporate office to believe in your product. Do some research so you can show Target that your consumer is a good match for the Target values.

Know Target
As a supplier, you will have to uphold the corporate values of Target has particular interests and values that include diversity, sustainability, education and many others. Line your services up with Target's initiatives so they will notice you.

Circulate the Product
Large retail websites like prefer to work with products that already have a proven track record. In order to circulate information on your product and make other sales, you need to attend trade shows and submit press releases regarding your products and your company. The more buzz you have surrounding your product, the better. If the product is familiar to Target before you approach, they will more likely grab it.

Submit the Proposal
You will need to write a proposal and it will have to be compelling. If you want to sell on, you need to consider the audience and the people who will read the proposal. Target receives thousands of proposals like yours every day, which is why it is important to set your product apart form the competition right away. You need to keep it short and to the point, but it also has to be eye-catching. Create a subject line that describes the product in just a few words. If the product has sold well in other locations, talk about that in the very first sentence. Put an image of the product in the proposal so those considering it can see the features clearly and easily. Then list marketing data and other information that connects you to the corporate values Target holds.

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