What makes ECT the best option
for e-commerce data management?

“We can load anything; a SKU is a SKU”, this is something you hear time and time again from data management companies, but would you trust your items to an in store merchandizer with the same philosophy? I should assume not.

We are not a data management company;
we are an E-commerce merchandizer.

Here at ECT we have a team who is well versed in the product we load. From lighting and décor, to speakers and electronics, you name it; we have a product specialist for it. If we don’t, we will work closely with your company to ensure we know the intricate details which makes your product unique.

What is the full scope of your service
to me as a manufacturer?

E-commerce Trade acts as your outsource e-commerce department, not only do we load your items to the dozens of merchant accounts we partner with, but we also:

  • Maintain your items by optimizing key words, placement, Meta tags, and ensuring products are up to all merchants’ quarterly data quality compliances.
  • Reformat and ensure products are loaded through all merchant inventory portals 3 times daily
  • We provide a knowledgeable and courteous customer service team to field all customer service calls regarding your product.
  • Consolidate all returns across all merchants in one monthly shipment
  • Provide robust digital content, by supplying life style images, customer use and care instructions, manuals, and cross merchandizing opportunities
  • Sponsor promotion opportunities
  • We are the customer, you sell to E-commerce Trade and you are paid by E-commerce Trade
  • One point of contact for all accounts payables issues. Nothing is ever outsourced there is a hassle free accounts payable team available 8-5 PST
  • Provide the certificate of insurance to each merchant
  • Provide full EDI capabilities to the merchants on your behalf
  • Monitor MAP daily
  • Provide inventory forecasting
  • You may choose to brand your items or use a pseudonym as to not cause conflict with your brick and mortar business
What is the cost associated with working through E-Commerce Trade?

E-commerce trade does not charge any fees for our service. We make our profit by selling your product; your sales are our sales. This is part of what drives our need to ensure we list your products with the utmost detail, and precision.

Customer service is important to me, how are any consumer questions or concerns addressed?

E-commerce Trade has a professional and courteous support staff located in southern California which is available to answer any customer questions or concerns.

I am interested in E-commerce business, but do not want to negatively affect my brick and mortar business, what can you company do for me?

ECT offers a white label service, if you so choose. This means we will completely rework your items so they are not identified by your brick and mortar customers, we will change your SKU, UPC, model number, marketing, alternate images, and any other relevant meta tags. If and when your brick and mortar company searches for your item online, our products will not come up!

Do I have to white label my product to use your service?

Absolutely not, you have worked hard to build your brand, and we are happy to market it for you!

I have a very strict IMAP policy, how will you keep reigns on that?

E-Commerce Trade has partnered with a retail monitoring company to ensure all e-commerce channels are listing product at MAP. We crawl for map breaks daily. If there is a violator which is not our partner, we will forward that information to your company to correct.

Can I control which of your partner sites you list my product on?

Yes, you can choose to list your items on all of our sites, or cherry pick a selection of whatever sites you wish. You can also choose to white label your items on one partner, and use your brand on another.