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Current statistics indicate that eCommerce retailers are raking in nearly $300 billion annually (U.S. figures)- a number expected to increase by over 30% in the next two years. With so much profit potential, it would stand to reason that large and small retailers alike are rushing to digitally capture this burgeoning business.Yet only part of the above sentence is true.

While large retailers have been quick to invest in their own user friendly websites from which they can easily move their products, the change has been more difficult for small businesses to make. As it stands now, only 28% of small businesses maintain their own online presence. One of the reasons why is that the notion of devoting hard earned dollars to advertising and marketing campaigns strikes many small retailers as more trouble than its worth.

Hence, big budget retailers with their large staff and full time IT departments have the upper hand…

Or had the upper hand.

Now, companies such as eCommerce Trade make it easy for small retailers and independent manufacturers to develop and carve their own piece of the retail pie.

For those small retailers specializing in home decor products, a potential partnership with promises to be mutually beneficial. Staples is the third largest internet retailer, and looks to continue the trend by steadily investing in digital market platforms. As of the beginning of 2015, Staples launched Staples Exchange, a platform that promises vendors the opportunity to introduce their products to an audience that would otherwise not find them through traditional outlets.

Teaming with Staples allows retailers to:

  • Hand over keyword optimization tasks
  • Utilize an experienced customer service staff
  • Capture the interest of customers who were originally shopping for something else
  • Lean on experts who can gauge sales in order to effectively manage inventory
  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Control prices
  • Analyze reports

This mutually beneficial, easy to use system allows enrolled users to seamlessly upload their products and begin taking orders immediately. Constantly interfacing, the platform provides up-to-the-minute information that also functions as a high-quality inventory management and analytics tool. As such, this partnership will allow independent retailers to increase the volume of SKU’s available to customers without the costly product catalog linking integration fees charged by competitors. By enabling small and medium sized vendors to reach more customers, Staples proves that it is committed to succeeding in the eCommerce world. Savvy retailers are sensing the shift and are seeking to partner with