How to sell indoor/outdoorlighting on

Most commonly known as a major provider of office supplies, Staples is one of the largest chain retail establishments in the country. But, did you know that they sell more than just office equipment and supplies? They also offer an array of items to complement home and office furnishings, including indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.

Are you a merchandiser looking for a new outlet to sell your products? Well, offers merchandisers an opportunity to get their products listed on their site. But, there are certain guidelines you must be aware of before beginning the process.

Supplier Standards

  • Your company must be recognized by a certifying agency. Some of the accepted certifications include: Certified 8(a) firms, small disadvantaged business, women-owned, HubZone, veteran-owned, service disabled veteran-owned, USBLN Network, People with Disabilities, and general small business.
  • Staples will first look at your merits. If you have not already done so, join the Small Business Association (SBA). It helps to be a member of more than one of the agencies listed above, so take the time to register with as many as your company qualifies to join. Beyond that, you must be able to demonstrate a track record of success, customer satisfaction and performance.
  • Your products must fit their needs at the time. Once you have met the company vetting process, your products must be something Staples needs and can sell. Do your homework to best determine which products you offer that they will be able to market effectively and do not already .

How to Sell Indoor/Outdoor Lighting on

Staples’ primary goal is to work with a range of suppliers in order to minimize supply chain costs while simultaneously bringing superior products to market and increasing revenue.

Unlike most retailers, they strive to provide vendor-buyer relationships that strengthen the business environment and economy within the communities they serve. That mission is important to understand because Staples is not looking to purchase products to sell throughout the country; they already have relationships with national suppliers for that. Make sure to tailor your pitch to their mission and your chances of becoming a supplier will be greatly improved.

Insurance Requirements

Suppliers must meet state-required levels of insurance coverage. Because of the fact that Staples has decentralized purchase practices and each business unit makes its own decisions, you should carry strong insurance from a reputable company to ensure Staples is comfortable with your level of coverage.

Merchandising Requirements

Staples does not dictate to their suppliers how merchandising and logistics should be managed. However, the category manager assessing your application will want to see that you have a well-organized, reliable system in place. Be prepared to explain everything from how you track products in your warehouse to how you handle returns and exchanges.

Now that you understand how to sell indoor/outdoor lighting on, you are ready to get started. Get your certifications taken care of and then visit Staples’ Supplier Gateway to submit your application, credentials and product details.

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