How to get your lighting products listed on

If you sell high-quality lighting products, you need to be able to reach your customers. One of the best ways to do this is to list your products on a nationally recognized website. is one of such websites that work with outside suppliers.

Do Your Product Research

Before starting the sign-up process, you need to research the lighting products that are currently available on Does the lighting you offer complement the range that is already available? Will your lighting products be noticed? What category of lighting would your products come under? For example, if you sell kitchen lighting a search of shows six subcategories of kitchen ceiling lights. In addition, there are separate categories for kitchen hanging lights and under cabinet lights. Make sure your product fits into at least one of those categories.

Do Your Customer Research offers customers a star rating system for products they have purchased. Next to the star rating is a number indicating the number of customers who have left feedback. This can give you an indication of the number of items sold and how happy the customers were with their products. More detailed feedback for customers can be accessed by clicking on the star rating.

Do Your Supplier Research works with merchandise suppliers, non-merchandise suppliers and installation service providers. To get your lighting products listed, you need to apply to become a new merchandise supplier. As part of this process, you need to sign up and submit your product for review. Before you go ahead and complete the submission, check the details on supplier diversity. If you qualify as a diverse supplier, there is a higher level of support available to your business.

Complete the Sign-up Process

To begin the process, you need to visit the ‘Suppliers & Providers’ page of the website. Click on ‘New Product Submission’ to access a new window containing the terms and conditions of working with Read through these carefully before clicking continue and remember that these terms bind you. Once you continue, you will gain access to the application. At the bottom of the first page is the legal agreement regarding selling your products on Once the paperwork is done, you just need to wait and find out whether your submission has been successful.

While it is important to complete your own research, a reliable and supportive e-commerce partner can come in very useful, offering support with the sign-up process and monitoring of your lighting products on Particularly if you are working through any of the different supplier options available.