How to Sell Indoor/Outdoor Lighting on

How to sell indoor/outdoor Lighting on

If you are a manufacture of indoor/outdoor lighting and you are interested in selling your products on a retail website such as, eCommerce Trade is the right place for you to start. Our company takes your manufactured products and sells them like they were our own. By providing excellent customer service, optimal product placement and working with top-of-the line retailers; eCommerce Trade will help you get your items sold. Here’s some info on how you can start selling indoor / outdoor lighting products on a site like…

Find Your Product Specialist

After deciding what retailers you’d like to work with (in this case,, you will want to get in touch with a product specialist. An indoor/outdoor lighting specialist will be able to help determine which keywords and meta tags are best used for your specific product. Knowing the unique details of your lighting products is important for the specialist to determine the type of product placement and display photos that will work best to maximize the sell of your product.

Choose to White Label (or not) Your Products

Are you concerned with associating your online e-commerce business with your storefront business? Consider a white label service that will make sure your online products are not associated with your storefront business. This white label service changes the marketing images, SKU numbers, meta tags, keywords, product names, etc. to protect your in-person brand. You may also choose to not white label your products, instead promoting your storefront business and online business as one company across the board.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Another important step to selling your indoor/outdoor lighting products on an online retailer like is becoming prepared for the numerous customer service calls and emails that are sure to come in. You’ll need to answer shipping, packaging, delivery and set-up questions for consumers, as well as provide product descriptions and installation instructions. Choosing a company like E-commerce Trade to handle the customer service side of things will help you focus on what you do best – manufacturing your product and keeping up with all those sales.

Selling your indoor/outdoor lighting products on starts by getting in touch with a great ecommerce company like E-commerce Trade. With a large supply of products, great product placement, and marketable images and descriptions, you’ll be on the road to ecommerce success in no time. Reach out to us at eCommerce Trade to get started today!

Sell Home Decor Products at

shutterstock_167274350Finding the right avenue to sell your merchandise can be a tricky feat. You want to be able to reach your target audience easily. Directing traffic online in effort to promote your merchandise isn’t always easy, especially when you have so many other websites and products to compete with. Take the stress out of the equation. Utilizing eCommerce Trade specializes in onboarding and manages SKU’s in several different categories making it easier for manufacturers to connect with customers through a multitude of websites.

Pass on the Workload

Why beat your head into a brick wall? Shed some stress by passing on the workload. With eCommerce you won’t ever have to lift a finger. Simply set up an account and watch everything unfold. You won’t be charged anything for the service. You’ll only be charged with a small fee if your products sell. Ecommerce can load anything because all SKU’s are the same universally.

How it Works

If you are a manufacturer with products you’d like to sell, ecommerce steps in and acts as an outsource e-commerce department and loads all of your items onto multiple merchant accounts. Ecommerce also offers a collection of other services. These include but are not limited to: Inventory forecasting, sponsor promotional opportunities, provides certificates of insurance to merchants, and monitor MAP daily.

The Benefits of E-Tailers

There are many benefits to utilizing an e-tailer. For one thing, you will be connected to a huge consumer database with access to more than 80,000 SKU’s. Plus ecommerce has excellent customer service that can answer any question a customer may have. As a high volume supplier, you won’t ever have to worry about back order issues because ecommerce can request a set stock. Plus you can even choose which partner sites that you want your products to be listed on. If you want to divide things up a bit you can do that too. Choose whatever sites you want to have your products listed on with full customization. You can even have your brand listed on one and white label your items on another. It’s that easy.

E-commerce is not a data management company. It’s an ecommerce merchandizer. Whatever ecommerce carries, there is a guaranteed product specialist for that item. If for some reason the company does not carry your item all you have to do is supply the details regarding your item and how it’s unique and you’re good to go.

How to Sell Indoor/Outdoor Lighting on

In today’s demanding and ever-evolving market, there are a variety of growth opportunities for manufacturers, but there are also challenges to overcome. One of those challenges – having consistent, reliable, large orders – can be addressed by getting your products onto the e-Tail websites of companies like Walmart.

Why Do You Need to Your Products on

In recent years, Walmart has increased focus on growing their e-commerce business. That is great news for manufacturers because, not only does it mean that they are open to taking on new products, but it also means they are going to be funneling marketing and technology dollars into

If you are a partner and manufacturer, you will be poised to capitalize off their efforts and benefit from the growth of their online presence.

What Are the First Steps?

First, make sure you have done all of the following:

  1. Audit your financials. Walmart will look closely at your business, so go through all of your financial data carefully before submitting your application.
  2. Get a D-U-N-S number. For more information on how to do this, visit Dunn & Bradstreet.
  3. Get your insurance in order. Walmart will expect you to have proper levels of worker’s compensation and liability coverage.
  4. Understand your entire business, not just your products. You will have to expertly and concisely answer questions about logistics, quality assurance and a variety of other details.

Now How Do You Get Walmart to Sell Your Products on Their Website?

After you’ve completed the steps above, it’s time to change your focus. You will need to understand where your product fits in at Walmart for a successful sales pitch:

  1. Know the competing products. You have to convince Walmart’s buyers that your product will be better and more profitable than products they are already selling.
  2. Understand the big picture. Walmart buyers have limited budgets. You may have to start small and work your way into larger orders and more products over time.

How Do You Make Sure Your Product Will Sell?

Once you are able to get your products onto the website, you still need to ensure they will sell.

  1. Market the right products. Remember that your products have to fit Walmart and what people want to purchase from the store, not the other way around.
  2. Grow your infrastructure to match the demand. You must be willing and prepared to invest heavily into increasing your production capacity to deliver large numbers of products on short notice.
  3. Partner with an established supplier who knows how to forecast sales and plan for growth. eCommerce Trade is the perfect partner for selling on Walmart because we handle all of that for you and help you plan, grow and succeed with our full scope of services.

Contact eCommerce Trade today to find out more about how we can help you get your products onto and a number of other e-Tail and eCommerce leaders. It could be the call that pushes your business to the next level.

Sell Home Decor Products at

The possibility of selling large quantities of home decor products online through can be the realization of a manufacturer’s long-term goal, but it requires planning and understanding the expectations of the huge retailer. eCommerce Trade helps small businesses on their journey to economic growth through their proven e-commerce merchandising practices. Recently, Walmart committed to spend $50 billion on American made products over the next decade. Making now the perfect time for home decor e-tailers to tap into that market and reach millions of new customers.

A product that fits the giant retailer

To sell your home decor products successfully online at, they need to fit what the giant retailer needs. Your products must appeal to customers of Walmart, fill a void in the online market and have costs low enough to be profitable for you while adhering to the retailer’s pricing strategy. If all of that sounds too complicated for you to handle alone, eCommerce Trade can help with their variety of services designed to make online selling easier, more productive and efficient.

Ability to meet demand

Although not all Walmart stores are open 24/7, is always open and you must be able to meet the demand for your home decor products. Your manufacturing infrastructure has to replenish stock quickly to keep up with demand and if your company isn’t ready to do that yet, you may need to wait until you can. Delivering a quality product at the right price is essential for success when selling on and with eCommerce Trade handling the important details on merchandising, you can focus on producing enough product to meet demand.

Know your costs has specific pricing needs and these are usually less than small home decor products charge for their products. This is why it is important to know exactly how much it cost to manufacturer your product and this extends beyond the cost of materials to include overhead expenses such as building rental, taxes, insurance, legal fees, travel costs, utilities and advertising. With the services of eCommerce Trade, managing customer service, returns are elements that you don’t have to worry about handling. Having those details taken care of gives you the time required to create an effective pricing model, and keep your manufacturing locations in compliance with Walmart’s standards.

Make the sale

You may have an entire line of home decor products you want to sell on, but to be successful you need to make the sale and that may not involve all of your products. If Walmart shows specific interest in a certain home decor product you manufacture, sell them that and worry about the rest of your line at a later date. Successful sales of one product can lead to sales of additional products so you can’t risk missing your opportunity by rigidly believing that should accept your entire line or nothing at all. The services of eCommerce Trade help you close the deal by providing the reliable product support you need.

Sell Home Decor Products at

seems like a good idea to increase your sales as there are millions of online shoppers on Amazon that you could easily convert to customers. However, the competition in home décor items is quite fierce and special selling skills are required to outperform the competition.

The Pro Merchant Subscription

Amazon allows sellers to subscribe as either Individual sellers or Pro Merchants. Subscribing as an “Individual” seller is ideal if you are looking to list just a few items. As such, Amazon will charge you 99¢ for every transaction. If you are looking to list hundreds of items on Amazon, however, the per-transaction fees can become quite exorbitant. For this reason, you should consider subscribing as a Pro Merchant, which requires a flat monthly payment of only $39.99, with no additional transaction fees.

The other benefits of subscribing as an Amazon Pro Merchant include:

  • Bulk Upload: “Individual” sellers on Amazon can only list and maintain one item at a time, making the process of selling very time consuming. As a Pro Merchant, however, Amazon will allow you to list your home décor products in bulk. Therefore, you can easily upload your entire catalog at once via application programing interfaces (APIs) or spreadsheet templates.
  • Add Unique Items: If you are to make an impact selling home décor products on Amazon, you need to come up with unique art pieces that will capture the attention of shoppers. Unfortunately, Amazon limits “individual” sellers to only adding items to already existing categories. Pro Merchants do not face these limitations – they can add new, unique product listings making it easy for you to create and/or personalize your product listing.
  • Pricing Limits: Amazon Pro Merchants have more selling options since can list items of higher value. You won’t have to worry about pricing limits on your decor pieces.

Why You Need

Maybe you are a novice to selling on Amazon, or you simply don’t have the time to learn how to effectively sell on Amazon, what is your way out? You can contact an expert to help you out in listing your entire catalog. Some of the benefits of working with eCommerce Trade include:

1) List on major ecommerce websites: We will help you upload and sell your products on all major websites including Amazon.

2) Product Management: We will upload and manage all your home décor products on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the sales to start flowing in.

3) Order Fulfillment: Once a customer orders and pays, we will ensure that he/she receives their purchase in good time.

4) Customer Service: We will handle all your customer service and support to ensure that your customers are a satisfied lot.

How to get your Outdoor Living Products on

Even if you already sell your outdoor living products through your own website, you’ve probably thought about taking sales to the next level by listing on one of the major retailer’s sites. Making the move to the big time does come with an added investment of time and money. The increase to your bottom line, though, is usually well worth it.

Home Depot is one of the best known and most popular retailers for consumers looking to buy outdoor living products like patio furniture, barbeque, awnings and more. Here’s how to move your products onto the fast track of online selling through

Become a Supplier

In order to sell your merchandise on, you’ll need to complete the new product submission form. Home Depot’s application process is one of the most comprehensive of the big retailers. Its website has extensive information on which category your company may fall into, and how to apply. Keep in mind that when adding new product lines, Home Depot places a great deal of focus on innovation.

Home Depot is known for actively seeking out smaller-sized suppliers. It is continually on the lookout for potential partnerships with those companies who offer superior and innovative products that match up with its commitment to superb customer service. As long as your outdoor living products support its goal of serving a diverse customer base, Home Depot is open to hearing your product pitch.

The Home Depot Application Portal

Home Depot uses a state-of-the-art application system. The company highly recommends that you take your time in filling out your application. What it’s most looking for is the story behind your products, so the company suggests you include photos, catalog links, a comprehensive profile and tailored presentations that you’ve created specifically for its application. You stand the best chance of having your outdoor living products approved for online selling if you:

  • Follow the Process. The average Home Depot buyer receives thousands of product proposals a year. The company has developed a process that puts you in direct contact with the appropriate decision maker. Follow instructions!
  • Do Your Homework. Research Home Depot so that you can convince the retailer you have a solution its customers need. Visit a local store and check out similar products on the site.
  • Differentiate Yourself. Home Depot wants to know what makes your product line different, and what sets your company apart from the competition. How will your line stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Our goal is make it easier for smaller suppliers such as yourself to sell to larger companies. If you want to learn more about how to get your outdoor living products onto Home as well as other major retailers’ online sites, we can help.

Sell your Outdoor Living Products on

Successfully selling your outdoor living products on an online retailer like Walmart can greatly raise your company’s profile and increase its bottom line. If you’ve dreamed of getting into the major league of retail, Walmart is a great partner to consider.

Walmart is one of the most popular destinations for shoppers looking for outdoor living products such as grills, patio furniture and more. With over $10 billion in online sales each year, an ideal solution for selling larger household goods.

How to Sell on

Walmart is dedicated to ensuring its suppliers are a perfect fit for its customers. It has an extensive application process, with minimum requirements your company must meet. But there’s more to becoming a Walmart supplier than merely filling out an application. The company also wants you to take the time to learn about its customer service philosophy and just how its online shopping process works. To do so, it suggests that you:

  • Research the types of suppliers it typically works with so you submit the strongest application possible.
  • Visit a local Walmart store to get of sense of who they are and what products they offer.
  • Compare your products to existing ones online and in stores to see if your products would be a good fit. Price is a major focus for Walmart, so check to see if your price points are in line with theirs.
  • Understand what Walmart shoppers want most, and determine if you can meet their needs.

Applying to Sell on

Walmart’s application process for selling your products online requires a significant amount of effort and resources on your part, and there is no guarantee you’ll be approved. The time invested in applying, however, is well worth your while. The company offers an online training course to help you successfully present your products, and has a wealth of information on its website, including:


Walmart sources products from around the world and works with multi-billion dollar companies and smaller business with just a few employees. If you’re interested in becoming one of Walmart’s director import suppliers, you can contact their Global Sourcing division.

Your dream of selling with one of the big guys can become reality. With, all it takes is assessing your prospective market and making sure your outdoor living products are in line with its customer service philosophy. And then it’s getting to work filling out that application. Need help?  Let the experts at eCommerce Trade help you get started today.

How to sell Indoor/Outdoor Lighting on

As a supplier of indoor/outdoor lighting, you know how important a role it can play in homeowner’s lives. Outdoor lighting not only improves a home’s curb appeal, it also provides safety and security. Indoors, lighting adds warmth and beauty, creating an inviting atmosphere.

From basic LED patio lights to stately chandeliers, indoor/outdoor lighting is one of the most popular home decorating lines, making it the perfect product to sell through If you’re interested in listing your lighting products on Amazon, you have several options to choose from.

List on Amazon

Listing and selling directly on Amazon is the way to go if you want to be hands-on. Getting started is easy, and the benefits are substantial:

  1. Amazon’s 95 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S. alone gives you a huge audience to easily tap into.
  2. Indoor/outdoor lighting falls under the site’s Home & Garden category, which does not require pre-approval from Amazon. You simply list your products and start selling.
  3. You can utilize Sponsored Products pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which enables you to boost your product’s visibility by bidding on specific keywords.

Fulfillment by Amazon

If you’d like Amazon to do the heavy lifting for you, Fulfillment by Amazon is just what you’re looking for. With this option, Amazon not only packs and ships your products for you, it also handles customer service and returns. Here’s how it works:

  • You ship your indoor/outdoor lighting products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
  • Amazon then catalogs and places your lighting products into its ready-to-ship inventory.
  • Customers place their orders either from directly or through other eCommerce channels, including your own website.
  • Amazon selects your products from inventory, packs them, and then ships them from one of their fulfillment centers.
  • All orders placed directly through receive the company’s own customer support.

Sell Directly to Amazon

Like traditional wholesale transactions, you can sell your indoor/outdoor lighting products directly to Amazon and let them handle everything else, including promotion, shipping, customer service and returns. This is the option to choose if you want to:

  • Reach millions of new customers.
  • Take advantage of Amazon Prime, which offers free 2-day shipping and free shipping on orders over $49.
  • Leave customer service and returns to someone else.


To get started, choose the indoor/outdoor lighting products you want Amazon to sell. Supply the retailer with your banking info, a UPC or EAN, and at least one high-quality image of each product. Amazon will even send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send a few units to sell on its site. Once your products find their audience and start selling, Amazon will purchase additional units from you.

If your goal is to expand your indoor/outdoor lighting retail into the big leagues, is a great place to start. They offer comprehensive vendor support and the widest possible audience for your products. Today, more than 40% of Amazon’s unit sales come from third-party suppliers. You can be one of them! Let the experts at eCommerce Trade help make your dreams a reality.


How to sell Indoor/Outdoor Lighting on

Are you interested in selling your indoor/outdoor lighting products through one of the big box online retailers? If so, it’s easier than you think. Sites run by merchants like Target are always on the lookout for high-quality product from smaller suppliers.

The Appeal of Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

From living room chandeliers to landscape spotlights, customers love lighting products that help illuminate and give their home a warm and inviting look and feel. So it’s no surprise that big name stores like Target, known for carrying designs that people enjoy using in and outside their homes, might be interested in your product line.

Before approaching Target about carrying your line, take a look at what the retail giant currently offers and tailor your pitch to highlight similar styles and price points.

How to Sell on

Online retailers prefer dealing with suppliers who are organized and already use common retail technology. The bigger the retailer you’re hoping to work with, the more important it is that you’re able to synchronize your customer systems. Here are some points to consider before taking the plunge.

  • Establish a Business Process. Work out ahead of time how the entire process will work. For example, how will you structure your price list, receive and fill purchase orders in a timely manner, and deal with order errors? What shipping methods will you offer? What will your payment terms be? And so on.
  • The Role of Technology. You’ll need to determine just how large a role technology will play in all of this. Every retailer has their own system to manage inventory and sales, and you’ll need to work with them to ensure your computer systems are able to “talk” with one another.
  • Build a Relationship. Stores like Target specialize in creating shopping experiences their customers love, and they look to build relationships with suppliers who believe in and offer the same values they do. Be sure to stay focused on the retailer’s core philosophy while pitching your products.


Target is upfront about their desire and willingness to work with a diverse range of suppliers, so don’t let their size intimidate you. They currently work with vendors from around the globe, and are constantly seeking new and innovative products for their loyal customer base. You can learn more about how to offer your indoor/outdoor lighting products on by contacting the experts at eCommerce Trade today.

Sell your Outdoor Living Products on is one of the top 200 most viewed websites in the world, with more than 150 million unique views per month and a U.S. Alexa ranking of number 49. If you’re a manufacturer of outdoor living products, such as planters, umbrellas, grills, heaters or outdoor furniture, you can benefit from having your products listed on and sold by

Whether you’re a small or large enterprise, you can take advantage of the services of eCommerce Trade, a global merchandiser with over 20 years of experience in e-commerce.

In our model, eCommerce Trade becomes the customer, and we deal directly with You don’t have to engage in any direct communication with Best Buy. This lets you focus on your own business and not have to worry about dealing with vendor-specific product, listing, inventory and accounting details.

Working with, we:

  • Maintain your product information and associated data (keywords, meta tags, placement settings, etc.) so it meets standards
  • Ensure inventory portal loading 3 times daily for all your products
  • Handle complete customer service, with a courteous and knowledgeable support team
  • Consolidate returns for all your products
  • Manage instruction manuals, product imagery and all related digital content for your products
  • Maximize cross-merchandising and sponsor promotion opportunities
  • Handle accounts payable issues without outsourcing using a specialized team available by phone daily 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST
  • Provide certificates of insurance
  • Forward electronic data interchange information
  • Monitor minimum advertised price (MAP) data daily
  • Forecast inventory

In order to work with Best Buy, your company needs to have a U.S. address and be able to ship to all 50 states. You must be able to ship all your doers in two days or less. You also must offer all customers a minimum of 30 days to return/exchange their products. Restocking fees are not allowed.

If your company sells items in other categories, we likely have specialists who cover those areas as well; feel free to inquire with us regarding additional product groupings.

Best of all, eCommerce Trade doesn’t charge for its services. Our fees are entirely paid by sales of your products. This provides greater motivation for us to list your products with increased detail and precision.

eCommerce Trade makes it simple to list your products on and dozens of other major brand websites. Email us for more information on our services and a complete list of the online merchants we do business with.