Sell you outdoor living products on


With online retailing ever growing, you don’t need to own an online store to profit from this type of selling. You can simply sell your products through an established online retailer, like, to be automatically connected with a trusted name and an existing customer base. Here is a short guide on how to instantly improve your sales by selling your products on

Explore the Site

It may sound obvious but just visiting the sign-up page is not enough. Take some time to look at the items that are already on sale. Does the range that you sell add to what is already on offer? If substantially similar items to your inventory are already listed, think about how can you make your products stand out. One way to do this is to offer items that are currently only available in a limited range. For example, a customer currently searching for outdoor lighting on gets over 4,500 results. Less than 150 of those are for rustic, compared to over 1000 for traditional style outdoor lighting. If you add to the rustic range your items are more likely to be seen.

Study Customer Reviews and Questions

Customer reviews are another important aspect of selling products online. They provide you with insight into what customers are looking for. Reviews will also provide an indication of customer expectations. Do your products meet, or even exceed these expectations? Can you use these reviews to find a gap that is not being catered for yet? Take the same approach with “Help” sections of the site to explore questions that your potential customers have previously asked.

Sign-up Process

Interested in selling your products on Fill in the ‘Request to Sell’ form and provide the required information about your company and products. Prior to beginning the process it is important to have high-quality photographs and product information at hand. However, keep in mind that signing up can be a lengthy and time-consuming process. Particularly if you’re considering several e-commerce sites, or you are new to online selling.

This is where a supportive partner, like eCommerce Trade comes in handy to help complete and oversee the whole process on your behalf.